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INTRO to Minerals Guy

Howdy folks! Welcome to the Minerals Guy blog!


Howdy folks, thanks for stopping by! We are excited to announce the official launch of Minerals Guy across multiple social platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok. Give us a follow!


Minerals Guy will provide tailored content and resources of owner of oil and gas minerals and royalties across the United States.

Thanks to the support of family, friends and business colleagues, we were able to take the concept from the back of a napkin to a fully developed brand. We are excited for 2023 and we will be posting new video content weekly on a variety of topics relating to mineral and royalty ownership.


Why did we create Minerals Guy?

The Minerals Guy concept was born about 6 months ago out of our desire to connect with mineral owners and to help them understand more about minerals and royalties as an asset class and their potential value.

As mineral buyers, we recognize that most folks we connect with have a limited understanding of what mineral rights are, how to manage them, how to value them, and how to bring them to market and achieve fair value.

We also recognize a void in the market in terms of resources available to mineral owners to help them answer common questions about ownership.

In short, many folks are flying blind when making decisions about their mineral rights.

We believe that the best way to conduct mineral transactions is educate folks so that they can make informed decisions about what is best for themselves and their families.

Minerals Guy will be an extension of this philosophy and will exist for two primary purposes:

(1) to educate and empower mineral owners to understand more about mineral rights as an asset class and their potential value; and

(2) to provide best in class services to mineral and royalty owners seeking to divest.


But, are minerals too complicated for the average person to understand?

We don’t think so… We are going to do our best to break down mineral ownership, management and valuation into bite sized pieces that ordinary folks can digest.

We will get into some fairly complex topics, but we will guide you through them step by step.


So, who is the Minerals Guy? Who is Steven Hatcher?

I am a professional mineral buyer, an oil and gas attorney and I’ve spent the last decade buying, selling and developing oil and gas properties all across the country.

I’ve participated in the acquisition and development of operated, non-operated and mineral assets across 8 different states covering hundreds of thousands of acres and hundreds of millions of dollars in asset value.

I'm a Louisiana native and attended school in Louisiana and Georgia.

I started my career in the energy industry working as an attorney for a prominent law firm in Louisiana providing legal services to oil and gas producers.

I’ve worked in-house for oil and gas operators and for mineral acquisition companies.

My experience has given me an in-depth knowledge of mineral rights and their development.

I’m a family man. My wife and I have been married for 8 years and we are blessed with two beautiful sons. We live in Colorado and love to spend time playing golf, fly fishing and chasing our boys.


What do we want to accomplish with Minerals Guy?

Our goal is to become the preeminent resource for mineral and royalty owners in the United States who want to learn more about mineral rights.

We will do this by providing valuable content that is tailor-made for the mineral owner.

We hope you'll join us for the journey!


Until next time...

Steven Hatcher

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